Some more information about your shoot 



What to wear


For family shoots I think it works really well to choose a couple of key colours that look good together, it might be denim and pastels, red and neutrals, greys and pinks, anything that you like.

Also think about where you are having the shoot, if your home has strong colours you can use that as a starting point, or if you are having an outdoor shoot in autumn then reds and yellows might look best. It is great to mix patterns and stripes in too if you wear them, big logos and writing can be a bit distracting though so best to avoid if possible. Your shoot is about you so don't change too much! 

For tiny babies simple works really well. If you are coming to the studio bring lots of options, whites, soft colours and subtle patterns work well, and any special blankets, toys or clothes you love. 


Getting here (studio shoots)


The studio address is 7 Blackstone Street, Blackstone, West Sussex, BN5 9TH. Parking is free in the lane. Just look out for the white cottage with blue window frames, there is a bell for the studio on the gate.


How do I order my images


After the shoot I edit your images a little and remove any you will not want, then I upload them to a private gallery. I send you a link with a password.

Once you have chosen your favourites I retouch them subtly, just removing any blemishes and tidying up the image then upload them to Dropbox so you can save them to print when you are ready. 

If you would like me to organise prints or framing just ask.